Brewery on Paper, Looking for Paper

My name is James Warner, and I am City-State Brewing Company in the District of Columbia. We have a killer brand, graphics, trademarks, and beer I make at home for sampling. To sell it, I need to build a brewery.

I am working to start City-State in DC. My vision is a production brewery and cultural institution for the District. I've raised a few hundred thousand dollars and put in a hundred thousand of my own. The purpose of my life is finding the rest. 

Until I do, we are a brewery on paper, a phrase that is literal in two ways. City-State exists in the operating agreement, SEC-compliant Private Placement Memorandum, business plan and cash flow model that we use to raise money and plan, as well as in the trademarks we own. We also exist on the paper of the labels we've designed for model bottles, and on the stickers and coasters we made for potential investors as tangible evidence--along with sample beer--of our work.

There is no science to raising money, no proven method. To find more investors, we just have to keep generating leads, attention, and enthusiasm to finish taking City-State from paper to bricks and mortar. I call this making haystacks to find needles, or generating noise to find signal. That's what this blog is about--our work to make City-State a physical reality, and our lives as we get there.  In the meantime, I will keep selling others' beer at top craft distributor Legends, Ltd.

City-State Brewing Company. Build it or bust.  

If you're reading this and are interested, please contact us to learn more.

More to come.